Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mursatron 5000: A Casey Serin Simulator - The Planning

I've been batting around a Casey Serin video game idea in my brain for a while. I decided to finally put my ideas on paper (or HTML of you prefer). Mursatron 5000: A Casey Serin Simulator will be a 2D top-down view action game. The purpose would be to get cashback at close from houses for sale, and other little loans such as from cash call, as quickly as possible. Obviously, no money will be spent on debt repayment or living expenses, save for trips to Jamba Juice and Starbucks which will speed up Casey. After a while, houses purchased will fall into foreclosure and random haterz and collectors will come after you. Haterz will simply slow you down, while having a collector catch you will make you lose the game. Eventually, I will think about putting in other powerups that will make you temporary invincible to detractors, in the vein of Packman.
The Platform:
Originally I was going to use the XNA system developed by microsoft. I ran into several technical difficulties, namely, that not only are you limited to windows, but your graphics card MUST support Directx 9! My development machine doesn't have a decent graphics card, so I couldn't even compile a test project! So I might just do it in OpenGL, so it it will run on any system. But since I'm kinda lazy, and making a multi-platform game would take forever, I might just hack into the windows drawing routines since I plan on only making a 2D game anyway.
I don't have much artwork at the moment, but I have some stuff in the works and will be updating this post as graphics become available.
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JohnDiddler said...

love this plan

JohnDiddler said...

might i suggest a browser-based platform. so much easier to reach the audience. perhaps zork-ish, but graphics-rich. possibly a design that others could extend, as with wiki. i can imagine a full scoring and state system, but no bits to deploy, and an architecture hardcore haterz could extend. the artwork and scenarios make the game.

Akira said...


Mitchell said...

I had this idea too. Part one, you buy as many houses as you can, in a predetermined block of time (say, sixty seconds of gameplay), until finally a loan is rejected. Part two, you try to minimize the number of foreclosures (and again, you're racing against the clock). Part three, you try to maximize cashflow from Internet notoriety, with side trips to visit supporterz in various locations around the world. When you travel, you get media attention and increased notoriety, which means more site revenue, but it also agitates the haterz more; when they get aggressive enough, it's part four, where the lawyers show up. That might even be the end of the game, in which case the objective is to drag out part three for as long as possible, without triggering litigation.

Unknown said...


so... where's the win-win? Or is it always lose-lose as you end up in PMITA prison? ;)