Sunday, July 8, 2007

From Zero To Hero: Ron Paul Is Now a Top-Tier Candidate

Just a few months ago, Ron Paul barely recognized in polling statistics. Before the election race started however, he was a favorite among libertarians and admired on a few economics blogs. Due to more people hearing his message on the internet, ABC news reports that Ron Paul has topped McCain in campaign financing with 2.4 million dollars. This is heartening, because this financing consists almost entirely of personal donations instead of the usual special interest or corporate donations. This also omits "in kind" financing due to the fact that donations of time and money aren't calculated until later. In terms of financing, the makes Ron Paul a top-tier candidate. This is a sign that his campaign has momentum, and his poll numbers should undoubtedly go up. He is already the top republican candidate on youtube and a top search in Technorati, but due to this surge in financing, the mainstream media will find him hard to ignore.


WGPS said...

I do so love what you have to say on Blue Collar Republican. You make great points and are someone that I think Farmer John would have no problems with. These other buttheads are the ones that he is speaking of. Keep up the good work and GO PAUL. I am a Paul supporter if you didn't know. I have been following him for years and like what he has done. I also agree with the lack of support from the branches being a good thing. I love a good troublemaker.

Unknown said...

I figure straight-talking rational Ron Paul supporters gotta undo the damage the wingnut conspiracy theorist Ron Paul supporters do :) Just doing my part.

WGPS said...

Ain't that the damn truth.