Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why I will no longer work on Mursatron 5000

As some of you have seen in a previous post, I had already started creating artwork for the game Mursatron 5000: A Casey Serin Simulator. But whenever I sat down a done research on using a third party game engine or created my own, I got the sensation that I was doing work not having fun. "Nonsense!" I'd tell myself, "This will be awesome! This is for Casey Serin fans and haters everywhere!". Then I thought about it some more. All I was doing was fan service. Casey Serin is going to shut down his blog in August anyway, and after the hatred simmers, he will eventually fall into obscurity. That is, until the day the IRS, FBI, CashCall, and LossMitPro catch up to him and wring him dry. My three book covers I think are enough entertainment.

I have come to the conclusion that I have more useful things to do than to slave away on a video game for several weeks that is likely to turn out pretty mediocre, or worse yet, would be as incomplete as any task that Casey Serin puts his mind to. But, more importantly, I have discovered a more important purpose to my free time: supporting the Ron Paul political campaign. I had actually been following him for a while, as I discovered him to be the lone, sane, honest politician in Congress. He isn't tied down by lobbyists. He holds the "quaint" notion that the Constitution limits the power of government and should maximize the freedoms of individuals as well as the states to make their own decisions. He's for sound money, as opposed to having our money controlled by unaccountable private institutions (the Constitution says only our government can control money... and there was never an amendment to change that). He wants to stop our country from engaging in nation building, as we don't have the moral authority to bully countries into doing our bidding. Why the hell are our troops still in Germany after the Berlin Wall fell? Nation building should only be the result of beating another country in a just war, not en end to itself. Also, continuous warfare on non-entities (War on Terror, War on Drugs) drains the economy and erodes our civil liberties. I digress; my point is that my skills are better served than making a silly game about some naive, amateur, fraudster.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club! I've been a Ron Paul meetup member for a month now and am spending ever-increasing numbers of hours promoting his campaign. I am, as the McDonald's ads say, lovin' it.

I always felt like the country was slipping away, the special interests in Washington always increasing their power over the people with more laws and more wars and more taxation and more borrowing money and more debt -- but I never thought I could do anything about it.

Now I can!

JohnDiddler said...

i like ron paul ok and we need him much more than we need casey serin.

Akubi said...

While I was looking forward to Mursatron 5000, I can certainly appreciate your perspective. Just wondering if you considered including pro-Ron Paul Easter eggs and messages in the game...?

I tend to agree with Ron Paul on many issues, but he loses me with his pro-life, pro-family values position.

Unknown said...

Well, I don't mind his positions considering that he believes it wouldn't be the Federal Government's job to enforce "family values", it would be up to the states to resolve the specifics of it. For instance, marriage shouldn't be a government institution, it would be up to individuals to determine what the responsibilities are for marriage. If a state decides it legal to marry a shrubbery, so be it.

Oh, and since he delivered 4000 babies, that explains his stance on abortion - though once again he believes it is up to the states to decided in what situations abortion is allowed.

Though I'm willing to ignore those positions, since he's for the legalization of marijuana, gambling, and prostitution :)