Sunday, July 8, 2007

Europa Barbarorum for Barbarian Invasion

EB for BI is no longer hosted here. It has been released to the public domain and is now on sourceforge.

Note: Europa Barbarorum is an amazing mod for an amazing game called Rome Total War. To those not familiar with Europa Barbarorum, Rome: Total War is an amazing ancient era civilization and combat game, which allows you to manage ancient armies much like an ancient general would. EB takes it to the next level by making the game as historically accurate as possible.


Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but would you say that Europa Barbarorum is a realistic mod, or does it concentrate on gamplay?

I really prefer accuracy, and would hope that someone will take up the challenge of bringing realism to the Fall period covered in Barabarian Invasions.

Unknown said...

Europa Barbarorum is focused primarily on realism and historical accuracy.

This is a mini-mod for EB that Creates a new campaign based in the late period but I have no idea how far along it is.

Unknown said...

Clarification: THAT mini-mod starts at the Marian Reforms, circa 107 BC. Vanilla EB (and my mod) start at the same year as regular RTW.

Sean Pelette said...

Hi. Thanks for making my life easier with this installer.

I used it for the new EB ver 1.0 and everything seems to work except I can't start a new campaign. When I click on New EB Campaign I get popup that tells me to select an item from the list. That's as far as it goes.

I can uninstall and start a game using RTW.exe, then reinstall and continue the game. But I can't start a new game.

Also the shield wall option leads to a script error with elephants, so I turned it off.

Unknown said...

This installer *might* work with version 1.0, but only if you uncheck the shieldwall installer option. I added a notice to this article that it will only work with 0.81. I'll be updating this installer soon, but it might take a couple weeks (I'm getting married this weekend :) )

calgacus said...

Hi - i'm trying to get shield wall to work for units in EB1.1. Can anyone help? From what i understand you copy the battlepage_03 file from any culture in bi/data/ui/"any culture2/interface into the equivalent folder for every culture in EB/data/ui - and you also have to add ', shield_wall' (minus the inverted commas) to units you want to have it in the EB/data folder's export_descr_unit.txt file.

I've done this after installing EB1.1 over BI 1.6 then used your installer without adding the shieldwall/schiltrom options as people say the 1.1 EDU is too different for it to work with it - and because the AI uses schiltrom very badly which makes for daft easy battles.

It doesnt seem to work and every time i exit the game the EDU file in the EB/data folder has lost all the 'shield_wall' bits i'd added to unit's formation lines.

Could you tell me what other changes are needed to get EB with BI to allow shield wall to work?

calgacus said...

P.S - in reply to realism fan EB seems to be mostly very accurate with a handful of historical inaccuracies (e.g Celtic infantry with lots of javelins, full chain armoured hellenistic spearmen,

I found it much more interesting to play than Rome Total Realism, if a fair bit slower for the AI factions to take their turns.

The different kinds of governments you can choose for each settlement (including installing a client ruler character with their own bodgyguard), the different building types for each faction, the stone and timber 'gallic walls' allowed for barbarian factions (like those mentioned by Caesar in his 'Gallic Wars), the tonnes of historical bakcground included and all the new traits and mercenary and cross-cultural units included make it really interesting and more in depth than most other RTW mods

Unknown said...

I have not yet updated my patch to version 1.1, as I've been swamped at the moment: I'm putting the finishing touches on a new website where I'll be hosting the download, and I have to finish my current game in 1.0 as the Arverni :)

I have also considered removing Schiltron and moving these units to use Shield-wall instead. Schiltron just seems broken, and confuses the AI.

Unknown said...

The installer is now compatable with EB 1.1